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Website development

Website – an opportunity to cross all the boundaries that have ever restrained the growth of your business. A high-quality website is an additional advantage over competitors, an opportunity to leave behind, it would seem, the most powerful rivals. The absence of geographical restrictions allows you to make the site the most widespread branch of your organization. Moreover, this branch does not require a large number of personnel, moreover, it can be managed exclusively by you. Payment for the hosting and domain is ten times less than the monthly payments for the maintenance of an ordinary branch. This makes creating a website a profitable investment. Website development is a laborious process that requires the efforts of a whole group of qualified specialists. Each stage of creating a site is an important link. The shakiness and imperfection of one of them will lead to a decrease in the level of a possible result.

Website design

Website design is the first thing a visitor sees. The design has several functions at once: to attract the consumer with elegance and originality of decisions, to focus his attention on the main thing. At the same time, the site design should not distract the consumer from thought and decision-making. An ideal site design should have some magnetism, make a person stay on the site for as long as possible, and return to it again and again.

Website development is a time-consuming process, starting with the study of the needs and characteristics of the psychological perception of the consumer. The choice of the right color scheme, the creation and visual arrangement of structural components, the selection of background and semantic illustrations, and much more are important steps in creating a website design. High-quality website design will allow you to win the hearts and thoughts of the consumer, imperceptibly penetrate his subconscious, thereby placing them at your products or services.

Corporate identity

Each Internet representation of the company should be designed in accordance with the corporate identity of the company. Corporate identity is the “style” of the company, a peculiar appearance of the company and the brand being promoted. Dillix Media will develop the site based on your company’s existing corporate identity and make it a direct embodiment of your company on the World Wide Web.

If your company is just starting its path of formation and has not yet managed to create its own corporate identity, our specialists will be happy to help you by creating an extraordinary memorable corporate identity that compares you favorably with your competitors. Company colors, slogan, logo and other components of the corporate identity will be selected in accordance with the specifics of the company in several versions. The final decision will always be yours. Corporate identity from Dillix Media is a breakthrough into the world of success!

Search engine optimization

The site, like any representative office, requires attention, ongoing support and development, as well as extensive advertising. Even the most high-quality and attractive online representation will not work if no one knows about it. The task of effectively familiarizing the maximum audience with the site of your company is excellent in search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization of a site is a necessary measure to obtain the maximum return on an Internet resource. Many years of experience of our company’s specialists will allow you to quickly bring your company’s Internet representation to the leading positions of search engines according to the most frequent requests of the target audience, as well as hold a “won place” for a long time.

Search engine optimization is the most relevant and effective tool to achieve maximum return on your site.