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Each site must solve specific problems. Not being specialists in the field of Internet consulting, many website owners fail by creating a resource that does not meet the necessary requirements. That is why, before embarking on the creation of an online representation, it is necessary to have reliable information about how the site should be in order for its work to bring the desired result.

Dillix Media Company provides consulting services, including analysis of the necessary market segment, taking into account existing competition, identifying the most priority areas for developing a business on the network, drawing up a detailed business plan taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of your company.

Site Audit

Any market is changeable. And on the World Wide Web, things are exactly the same. Therefore, the audit of the site should be carried out at least once every few years. Site audit allows you to make your resource more competitive, determine its strengths and make a plan for its improvement.

The employees of our company will conduct a marketing, technical, search audit of your site (including an audit of the usability of the site), after which you will receive a full report that will satisfy all of your following questions:

  • The ability to increase resource attendance;
  • Ways to increase the percentage of “conversion” of visitors into regular customers;
  • Ways to improve the technical characteristics of the site;
  • Methods of improving the design of the resource;
  • The approximate total cost of all changes and improvements.

Corporate identity

Corporate identity is a distinguishing feature of each company, which makes it recognizable among thousands of such companies. Creating a corporate identity is a time-consuming and versatile process. Therefore, a whole group of specialists is working on the development of corporate identity, each of which performs a very important part of the work. The result of this work is the corporate identity of the company thought out to the smallest detail and perfected to the ideal, which in itself is an advertising move of the company.

Website design and redesign

Website design is responsible for the initial perception of the company by the visitor. The ability of your resource to interest the visitor at the first visit and provoke a closer relationship with your company depends on the site design.

The specialists of our company will develop a completely unique effective design or redesign your site in accordance with the corporate identity of the company. Such a design will contribute to a sharp increase in regular visitors to the site, which will positively affect the effectiveness of its work.

CMS programming and installation

Programming is one of the main and most important stages of creating a site. The reliability of the error-free operation of the program code is subconsciously equated with the reliability of the company owning the site. Therefore, any slightest failure or defect will negatively affect the perception of the company as a whole.

Dillix Media offers programming in the most modern development environments, as well as the installation of CMS, which simplify the work of managing site content. High-quality programming is the basis for the stable operation of the site, as well as the comfort of visitors using the site.


Dillix Media conducts comprehensive site testing. During testing, it is checked:

  • Site functionality (including site CMS)
  • Text and graphic content of the site
  • The degree of website optimization for search engines (friendliness to search engines, link performance)
  • Site Protection Level
  • Site Databases

Testing the site will help to eliminate defects in time and make your site correct, which will positively affect its work.

Support and content

Website content is just as important as attractive design and perfect functionality. Filling a site is an equally difficult and responsible task. After the design has fulfilled its role and attracted the visitor, the site content comes into play. It should be fresh and interesting to the potential client.

Each site needs comprehensive support. Comprehensive support for the site is a constant control over the work of the site and prompt resolution of the problems encountered.

Dillix Media specialists will ensure that the site is in great shape and will not let it become outdated, either informatively or technically. Thanks to filling the site with the latest news and relevant materials, your site will gain a reputation as the owner of the most reliable information. With content from Dillix Media, your site will always be of interest to the target audience.

Search engine optimisation

Today, website promotion is equivalent to career advancement. The higher the position of the site in search engines, the more income it brings. Today it is prestigious to occupy the first positions in search engine results. And given the complexity of the work to achieve such results, you can be proud of the site in the top.

The specialists of our company will make your site a leader in the race for the first places of search engines, and will also hold their position for as long as you like. An integrated approach to website promotion in search engines gives a brilliant result.


Advertising is a direct and loud statement to the world about yourself. The degree of loudness of this statement is directly proportional to the degree of professionalism of the group of specialists developing it. Dillix Media’s specialists will create memorable creative ads that can significantly increase sales and leave competitors in the background.


Hosting is a virtual house where your website lives on the Internet. The more reliable it is, the more secure is the information contained in your databases, and the higher is the guarantee of uninterrupted operation of your site.

Our staff will select a reliable hosting provider that will suit you in every way. Your data will be safe, and the site is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.